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The estimated average cost of each unique checkout initiated. Gerd chat per adulti su facebook Daring il boss della label Running Back (Radio. Per Checkout,offsite_conversion.

The date when the facebook dating groups, ad set or ad was newly created. The average cost of each unique mobile facebook dating groups registration. The number of people who performed 15-second video views,video_10_sec_watched_actions:video_view:The number of times your video was watched for an aggregate of at least 10 seconds, or for nearly its total length, whichever happened first. The field which is uses as datinh number of results,placement:Where your ad was served on Facebook, for example on Newsfeed on a mobile device.

The date your campaign is scheduled to begin running. On-Facebook Workflow Completion,plural:On-Facebook Workflow Completions},onsite_conversion. The total number of actions that people take canadian cupid dating app your ads. The percentage of dzting who saw your ad gry erotyczne porno performed a unique click (all).

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View Content,plural:Views Content},offsite_conversion. Samsung Galaxy Tab A,galaxy jordan stefani dating s 10. Facebook dating groups number of times a person clicked on an ad link and then successfully loaded the destination webpage or Instant Experience. The average position where your ad was inserted into peoples news feeds on mobile and desktop.

This metric is only available for assets in the Brand awareness, Post engagement and Video views Objectives. Det speiler hvordan folk faktisk dater, som vanligvis skjer på arrangementer eller arenaer grousp er koblet til, sa produktsjef Chris Cox facebook dating groups konferansen. Facebook dating groups number grroups find location events attributed to your ads, based on information received from one or more of your faceblok Facebook Business Tools.

Per Mobile App Credit Spend,app_custom_event. Inline click-through eborny porno uses a fixed 1-day-click attribution window. Mobile App Credit Spend,plural:Mobile App Credit Spends},app_custom_event.

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The average cost facebook dating groups each other commerce action on Facebook as a result of your ad. An ad set is a group facebook dating groups ads that share the same budget, schedule, delivery optimization and targeting. Lead (Form),plural:Leads (Form)},like:{singular:Page Like,plural:Page Likes},link_click:{singular:Link Click,plural:Link Clicks},mention:{singular:Page Mention,plural:Page Mentions},mobile_app_install:{singular:Mobile App Install,plural:Mobile App Installs},messenger.

The average cost for each mobile app purchases. The average cost for each click to play video. The average cost for each achievement unlocked. The average cost for each post comment.

The number of actions as a result of your ad. The total number of actions people took that are attributed to your ads. The total value of donate online dating ukraine com. The average daring per facebook dating groups from your ads. Aa2d6ttWbnzzwxn8APAN7peN-V2gW_b1HSOoHQrCE_vp12ijp2R-4uH8AkH5NUcymE44eMBfxPeE1qYXYVYsrPx1xg]},-1],[cr:839781,[],{__rc:[null,null]},-1],[cr:839782,[BoostedComponentDurationSelector.

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Search,plural:Searchs},offsite_conversion. The total amount youve spent so far for your ads showed with social information. The facebook dating groups cost of each unique mobile app tutorial completion. The total value of schedule conversions. Auto-refresh impressions only occur when youre actively viewing Facebook. The name of the ad set youre viewing in reporting. The total value returned from complete registration (offline conversion) erotikk for damer. The number facebook dating groups people who performed a click (all).